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Financing for Rural America

Get USDA Backing on up to $25MM in Financing for your Business or Community Project in communities of less than 50,000.


Financing For Farms & Ranches

Get Conventional and FSA Guaranteed and Direct loans up to $50MM.


Business Working Capital

Get Asset Backed Lines of Credit, and Accounts Recieveable Financing

Let us be Your Trusted Strategic Partner 

We have worked with scores of lenders over the years, including Larger Regional Banks and Smaller Community Banks. Regulation, and Competition make it increasingly difficult to maximize profits and shareholder value while growing safety and soundness. Your bank needs a competitive advantage and a strategy that sets you up for success. We have helped scores of banks with their existing clients as well as been able to increase new deal flow. We keep up to date on the latest in Government regulations so that you can focus on customer relationships.

We Understand the Financial Industry

We have been the strategic partner for many banks. Year after year, lenders ask us to prepare and service millions of dollars in Guaranteed Loans for their clients, because they know that we make it our business to keep up to date with government regulations.

Charlie Loomis, FCI CEO

We Support Your Work
So You Can Serve More Clients

We know that your work is challenging. You have to stay on top of ever-changing regulations, and the demands of examiners, while doing your best to protect your stakeholders. We understand the delicate and confidential nature of finance and provide professional, accurate, and timely support. We add value to your bottom line by bringing you more clients and helping you to improve the soundness of your existing ones. We package, place, and service business and agricultural loans, using government guarantees and strategic conventional lending tools.

This is How We Help

Professional Partner

You shouldn’t have to worry about the ever-changing regulations surrounding loan programs. Partner with seasoned professionals who make it their business to keep up with government regulations.

A Proven Process

Avoid the stress by letting us handle all the paperwork. Our proven process takes the burden off of you.

Trusted Expert

Increase your profit and strengthen your portfolio. Our experiened team has the expertise to reduce your risk and work load.

Loan Programs


USDA B&I (Business & Industry)




FSA (Farm Service Industry)


Conventional Loans


Business Working Capital




ABL Lines of Credit

What Our Bank Partners Say

Over the past years, my lenders and I have worked with Financial Consulting on loan packages. The staff at Financial Consulting is professional and efficient and I would highly recommend their services.

C. Stuart

Have a Trusted Expert on Your Team

Our goal is to help you improve the safety and soundness of your bank while growing your profitability. We can improve existing credit quality using Government Guarantees and bring you new business and ag clients to your bank. Our experience with banks and government loan personnel will provide valuable guidance for Government Guaranteed loans, Conventional loans, Factoring, Asset Backed Lines, and Participations.

Benefits of Working with FCI

  • Reduce Risk
  • Experienced Team on Your Side
  • Institutional Growth
  • Increase Deal Flow
  • Expert Knowledge of Government Programs
  • Improved Liquidity
  • Growing Loan Portfolio
  • Outsource the Complex and Time-Consuming task of working of Guaranteed Loans

Partner with a trusted team.

Experience the Freedom to Grow. Reduce Risk and Increase your Market Share.

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