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Doing the Math

Looking back some of my most vivid memories as a young man were working with my dad. Life was good, but life was never what you would call easy. We worked hard. Dad was a small business owner, and we also had a small farming operation on the side. My dad was a carpenter and lived by the adage “measure twice and cut once.” From a very young age, I remember my dad constantly working on the numbers. Sometimes it was on the floor, at the kitchen table or across the hood of an old pickup, but it seemed like we were always doing the math, solving problems, or simply looking for a better way to get things done. That is what we do here. I have always had a love of agriculture and small business, and we have built a process, and system around creating financial solutions for Banks, Business Owners, and Ag Producers.Schedule a free consultation today

We Understand Business

“Your business, your unique financial picture, and your goals are always changing. We want to be there to help.”

Charlie Loomis, FCI CEO

We Handle the Financing
So You Can Grow Your Business

You love what you do, and we want to help you do more of it. One of the chief reasons you got into business in the first place was so that you could enjoy a greater level of financial freedom. A significant part of getting you where you want to go is getting you the Working Capital, Lines of Credit, Receivables Financing, and Financing for Expansion, Equipment, Land, and Buildings that you need.

The process of borrowing money has become increasingly complex over the years and can be overwhelming. We want to help you use financing in a way that creates more Cash and Cash Flow inside your business. Because we know that the more Cash and Cash Flow you have, the more Financial and Time Freedom you can experience. Financial and Time Freedom that will allow you to bring on those new team members so that you can go from “working-in your business” to “working-on-your businesss”.   Set up that new line of equipment, or purchase that critical piece of real estate that will give you the competitive advantage you need to go to the next level.

We work with scores of lenders across the south-central United States and are constantly bringing on more. Let us help you find the right lending partner with the right financial solutions so that you can take that next step in your Financial Destiny.

This is How We Help

Professional Guidance

You shouldn’t have to waste your time researching lending programs. Get solid advice from seasoned professionals who know and understand the finance industry.

A Proven Process

Avoid the stress by letting us handle all the paperwork. Our proven process takes the burden off of you, and gets you the money you need.

Better Options

There are a lot of loans available to business owners, but how do you know which one is best for you? We connect you with the right lenders and, guide you to the best funding option.

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Conventional Loans

What Our Clients Say

FCI is professional, accommodating, and reliable. They act as an intermediary and eliminate confusion between our business and the banks. It is without hesitation that I recommend the FCI team to help you grow, expand, or invest in your business.

B. Anderson

Have a Trusted Expert on Your Team

Our goal is to secure the wisest deal possible for you. Our experience has shown us that the structure, rates, terms, amount, type of financing, and the lending partner can all dramatically impact the true cost of capital. With a network of over 50 lending partners, we help you find the best solution for your needs. Once we have found that best fit, we don’t simply disappear we will be here to help you navigate future needs as well.

Benefits of Working with FCI

  • Cut Through the Red Tape
  • Tailor-made Plan for You
  • Professional Presentation
  • Large Lender Network
  • Better Rates
  • Better Terms
  • Expert Knowledge of Government Programs
  • Improved Liquidity
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Better Tools
  • Better Connections

Break free from the burden of “red tape”.

Experience the freedom to implement your plans and grow your business.

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