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Get Financing for your Farm or Ranch

Farmers and ranchers are the backbone of our society. Coming from an agricultural background we understand that the industry has unique challenges that most other businesses don’t have to deal with. You must manage around the weather, market speculation, geo-political uncertainty, know when and how to market, be able to repair complicated equipment, and design breeding and cropping plans that will impact your operation for years to come.

In addition to this wide range of disciplines you are expected to know where and from whom to get the best financing. You need to know that you are securing the wisest deal possible that you are getting the best rates and terms from a lender that you can trust. Although every operation is unique, we always strive to do two key things:

1. Maximize your available Cash Position, through a strong liquidity plan.

2. Maximize your available Cash Flow through the better rate and term combination.

We understand that access to cash and capital are essential for you to be able to grow your operation, your cash flow and your net worth. Whether you need cash to buy livestock, equipment, real estate or simply need to restructure your existing debts we have the tools, experience, and relationships to make it happen.

We Understand Ag

The typical loans offered by some creditors aren’t designed to meet your specific needs as a farmer. FCI understands the agriculture business and we believe you should have access to the funds you need.

Charlie Loomis, FCI CEO

We Handle the Financing
So You Can Run Your Farm

We know, even though it’s hard work, you’re proud to be doing what you do. In fact, you love the challenges of working the land and the satisfaction of producing a quality crop or of raising up a healthy calf. You want to build a successful business, a strong net worth, and a stable cash flow for your family. The question is: How do you fund your dreams? We help you plow through paperwork and the red tape so you can access the funds you need.

This is How We Help

Professional Guidance

You shouldn’t have to waste your time researching banks and goverment programs. Banks have professional guidence on thier team, shouldn’t you have that same kind of help working for you. Get solid advice from seasoned professionals who know and understand the finance industry.

A Proven Process

Avoid the stress by letting us handle all the paperwork. Our proven process takes the burden off of you, and gets you the money you need.

Better Options

There are a lot of loans available to farmers and ranchers, but how do you know which one is best for you? We connect you with the right lenders and, guide you to the best solutions.

Ag Lending Solutions For:

Real Estate
Breeding Stock
Operating Capital

Stocker Cattle


Or Ag Related Businesses

What Our Clients Say

“FCI is so easy to work with. They are knowledgeable, and their process is simple. Every time we have a question they answer right away. We highly recommend.”

Ria P.

Have a Trusted Expert on Your Team

Our goal is to secure a better deal for you. Our experience has shown us that the structure, terms, amount, and type of financing, are all vitally important but that you must have the right lending partner above all. Each of these can easily impact the true cost of capital, even more than the interest rate. With a network of over 50 lending partners, we help you find the best fit for you. Once we have secured you the best deal possible, we don’t simply disappear, we stick with you annually, review your situational needs, and address them.

Benefits of Working with FCI

  • Cut Through the Red Tape
  • Tailor-made Plan for You
  • Professional Presentation
  • Large Lender Network
  • Better Rates
  • Better Terms
  • Expert Knowledge of Government Programs
  • Improved Liquidity
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Better Tools
  • Better Connections

Break free from the burden of “red tape”.

Experience the freedom to implement your plans and grow your farm or ranch.

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