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Charlie Loomis


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Charlie is a 1996 graduate of Oklahoma State University and has a degree in Agricultural Economics, Farm & Ranch Management. A native to Woodward, Oklahoma, Charlie and his beautiful wife, Kim, make their home in rural Stillwater, Oklahoma. The couple have been blessed with six children. Charlie began working as a loan consultant in 1999 and formed Financial Consulting, Inc. (FCI) in 2003.

Charlie has packaged and placed hundreds of millions of dollars of financing over the years, including work with various government guaranteed and direct lending programs, as well as conventional loans. Charlie loves structuring deals and the thrill of bringing the right team together for each client. His financial areas of expertise include business, agriculture, and accounts receivable lending. He has a passion for helping clients understand and maximize the advantages of properly structured financing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference, with financial solutions that give our clients and lenders the Freedom to Grow so that they can do more, earn more, and be more.

Our Mission

Driven By a Sense of Purpose

At FCI we know that businesses, farms, and ranches employ most of the workforce in America. These business owners, farmers and ranchers are trying to make a living for themselves and their staff. They deliver food, energy, and other valuable products and services to the marketplace daily. These hard-working people are the ones that keep this country moving forward. Whether you’re a business owner, solopreneur, a farmer, or rancher at times you need financing.

We know that the whole process of borrowing money can be overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing if you are not doing it daily, and we know that one of the reasons many of you got into business was because you wanted to have more financial freedom and more freedom of time. We know you don’t want to be trapped by debt, but are savy enough to know the power of using it as a tool to gain financial freedom.

We want to help you use financing in a way That creates more CASH AND CASH FLOW inside your business. Because we know that the MORE CASH AND CASH FLOW you have, the more FINANCIAL AND TIME FREEDOM you can experience. You can have the FREEDOM to bring on those new team members that will allow you to go from working-in-your-business to working-on-your-business.  Get the funding you need to set up that new line of equipment, or purchase that critical piece of real estate that will make you more efficient.

We work with scores of lenders across the south-central United States and are constantly bringing on more. Let us help you find the right lending partner with the right financial solutions so that you can step into your dreams!

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