Why a guaranteed loan?

Financial Consulting, Inc. (FCI) specializes in debt that makes business owners more money. Our team’s expertise in various government-backed credit enhancements may be the tool you need to grow your institution.

What is a guaranteed loan?

A guaranteed loan is a loan backed by a third party that will pay back the loan if the borrower defaults on it. The third party can be an individual, corporation, or federal organization.

Guaranteed loans allow high-risk borrowers to access the funding they need for their business to grow. When a loan is guaranteed, lenders are more willing to work with borrowers who typically wouldn’t be considered good candidates for a loan.

How guaranteed loans work

Government guaranteed loans allow business owners to serve customers with unique specialization, larger credit needs, or clients in industries where they might already have a high concentration. Guaranteed loans also allow business owners to earn ongoing servicing income while maintaining the day-to-day relationship that makes them the financial partner their client needs. 

This gives shareholders more options because of their increased liquidity, which in turn gives them what they need to help you grow their investment.

Benefits of guaranteed loans

Guaranteed loans are a tool that makes great loans even better. Some advantages of guaranteed loans include:

  • Access to financing that you may not be able to get elsewhere
  • Access to capital when needed
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Lower down payments and interest rates
  • Ability to use the money for multiple different business activities
  • Access to a variety of SBA resources

A guaranteed loan serves as additional protection in a loan, making it more attractive to potential lenders. If your business needs financial help, feel free to reach out to FCI. We would love to help give your business the freedom to grow.

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